No more lost files by viruses while working

Hidden Fixer, an invisible files and folders caused by shortcut viruses recovery software. The best tool for everyone who lost their files in flash drives and other storage devices. Simple, Portable, Fast , and Free. Available now for Windows!

Bring Back Your Files : Shortcut viruses love to infect flash drives by hiding all real files and folders invisibly, placing infected files, and making fake shortcut files visibly. Hidden Fixer will help you to recover all those real files back in a few seconds by fixing each hidden attribute of files. After fixed, everything will be appeared such as real files, fake files, and virus files. You can even delete these viruses by yourself.

ONE Click - All Clear : Hidden Fixer allows you to recover your lost/hidden files by just "One click", and everything will be cleared simply and accurately. We also offer you fixing customization tool to allow program to fix more than "Hidden" file attribute, but also "Read-Only", "Archive",  "System", etc.

No Command Prompt : In this latest version, we bring you the new fixing technology. No more black window Command Prompt will appear to let you waiting for long. It fixes by the inside-code method to solve the old problem that some command prompt in some computer has been corrupted by viruses.

Instruction on UI : We offer you many instructions on the main menu of program for somebody who don't know how it works. So they could see some instruction on program and finish their purpose. More about instruction, we also offer you the news feed on the instruction page. So you could follow Hidden Fixer's news immediately.

Wondering on Special Tools : In the modern Hidden Fixer today, we proudly introduce you 3 new special tools including Hidden Fixer Console ; a simple universal version, Hidden Maker ; an opposite program which allows you to hide your folders, and Updater ; to get more features and offers by keeping up-to-date.

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